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Monday, September 10, 2007

Making Hessian look Hot

Yep! Thats my goal. To make Hessian look hot. I managed to whip up a rubbish bag that I have embellished with hessian today and I am pretty pleased with it. I have used hessian as a natural stiffener in between the liner and the outer and with a bit of tinkering I will tidy it up some more.
I am of course a greeny and a total stinge so I try not to use most interfacing that I see in the stores because the natural cotton interfacing costs way too much for something thats going to hang on the back of a toilet door.
So hessian as a stiffener it is!!
I have cut up old pepsi bottles to make the 2 rims that the top of the rubbish bag sits between.( yes yes, i use a plastic bag for toilet bags GASP. It's all going to landfill, so the contents will be there for hundreds of years whether I use plastic or not and this does make me sad)

I did all of this of course when I should have been working. I have about 500 bags to make and a pallet of denim to make them with but I was compelled to make a hangy hessiany toilet door rubbish bag thingy and so I did, as I do, when compelled to do anything but work.....


My First Blog

If I could only stop reading blogs long enough to write my own blog,then this page would not have sat vacant for so long.
My name is Melanie and I am a blogaholic.
It all started when I googled Fabric one day as I was trying to find Aussie wholesale fabric suppliers. I came across One Red Robin. I thought WOW, this blog looks pro!! Then I looked at a few links on the said bloggers favourite blog links and before I knew it I was avoiding housework so that I could look at the linked blogs and then all the other linked blogs on the linked blogs.
I was in a blog frenzy. The quality of these blogs were amazing. Astounding! So many ideas, so many talents, so much to read.
And this is where my blank blog comes in.
The quality of the blogs left me feeling somewhat inadequate, somehow intimidated and thus, the page remained blank.
I have had to rise above my fear of failure to blog well because the value of blogging far out weighs the worry. Blogs are not only an excellent source of information but a good personal reference to track your success, progress and yes, failures.
So, with great excitement, here I am. Words written and ready to take a different step into the world of blogging. I am Melanie and I am a Blogaholic!
Welcome to my blog!


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