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Friday, November 27, 2009

New Places, different faces

Today started with a sad face

I officially gave notice as a volunteer at the Homestead Cafe. Not because there is anything wrong with it there, on the contrary, I love it there. But it is time for a new direction and I just so happen to have a direction I prepared earlier!

And that is why today ended with a Happy face

I am now Market Co ordinator for Casey Crafter's Market and I have been given this baby in it's early infancy to nurture and hopefully help it grow. I wont go on and on about it in my personal crafty journal, thats what my other blog is for, but I just wanted to share with you my new baby. A new project to sink my teeth into.
Wow, I finally get to use my laptop for something other than playing Spider Solitaire.
Have a great Friday girls from the south and for the northern hemisphere girls, are you finished gorging on all that Thanksgiving food yet???


Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

Behold 10 meters of vintage fabric given to me by Julie who apparently has a shed full of unwanted fabric.....hmmmm, I think I found my new best friend.  The deal was that I have to make her a cool eco bag out of it. Deal!
Now to the real space that I am creating at today.
The Kitchen

Its Turkey time and although my husband and I decided to reign in any spending and do away with Thanksgiving this year, I just couldnt. I have cut back and am only making THREE pies and not TEN. The Turkey is somewhat smaller and in the shape of a roll and there will be no cooking because it is too hot. So Turkey rolls it is.
Check out what everyone else is up to at Kootoyoos


Busy, Not Blogging.

With all of my spare time I seem to be filling it up with more things to do.
Yesterday I went to the Caribbean Gardens to obtain information on setting up a stall there.

I thought it might be a good way for me to move some Habi stock since I am taking so long setting up my online store.

And why has it taken me so long to set up my online store?
Because I cannot edit professional product photos. I use Gimp and Paint.net because they are free but finding tutorials for exactly what you want to do with these is like trying to catch a goldfish with one finger.

So off to eBay I go. Spending more money. UNLESS By chance an awesome photo editing wizz stops by that uses gimp or paint.net and tells me where there is a good tutorial without pointing me to messy forums that take hours to wade through.
So there is my dilemma. Its only a small issue, causing a major problem. Here's hoping a magic photo fairy can wave a wand and make me understand this stuff.
I get to stay home today YAY!
Have a fab day girls!
I will actually get time to play "My Creative Space"    and hopefully catch up on some vital blog reads.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Creative space

It's early and the sun is promising to shine down on us with avengance today so I used my front porch as a work bench to strip the lavender tips.

This is all the heads I managed to get out of one massive wheel barrow load harvested on Saturday. So with that in mind I am crossing "lavender farmer" off of my list of really super easy jobs to do.

Imagine how much lavender one must prune to get a truck load. Too hard for lil miss lazy bum , me!

Ckeck out Kootoyoo for crafty chicks who are playing a long


Monday, November 16, 2009

After the dust settles from a hectic week

I thank goodness that I pedantically trim and hedge my front yard constantly to give a false sense of organisation in the house behind the little white picket fence.

because in reality my house is as chaotic as my back yard

wild and cluttered and in need of some tidying up

and that is what Mondays are for here at house nunde.

Cheers everyone!


(wearing my cleaning lady cap today- not one of my favourite caps I can tell you!)


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Casey Craft Market

Whilst the tree lined driveway make it look cool, it was stinking hot and this unfortunately affected the amount of people visiting the grounds. No one wanted to leave their air conditioned comfort ..and I don't blame them.

It was still a great day, the day of Berwick's second Crafters Market and some visitors managed to suffer the heat and come along to support us.

Lets take a look at a few of the brave stall holders.

No this isnt an unattended tent.
This is how people react to me when they see me coming with the camera because I was editor of the Woodies newsletter for a while.


That's better, now stop mucking around and leave Dennis alone, I mean seriously boys, how old are ya? They never grow up do they?

The rocking horse at the back of the tent is first prize in our yearly raffle and the cheeky bloke at the back, Billy, he runs the Wednesday night Rocking Horse making class. Clever isn't he? The toys are an example of the 400 plus toys the woodies make every Monday to be given to underprivileged kids for Christmas.

Market Stall

" I Do"

Bridal and wedding accessories and I also spot a few scrap booking items. I managed a quick pic before being dragged back into the kitchen but didn't get to have a really good close up. Next time!

Helen from our P.I.Ps crew on Tuesdays whipped up a truck load of goodies.

Helen makes tea towels that hang from handles and also gorgeous hand crafted baby blankets. She embellishes them to enhance the pictures and lines the back with poly fleece for baby comfort. I always look forward to seeing her blankets she is working with on Tuesdays.

"The Quillow Maker"


Even in scorching heat Jeanette's quillows look inviting.

And look, its a nunde farmers market bag.

I am not showing you my stall. It isn't up to the standard I expect yet to show off. Yes, I have seen your stalls girls and I know I have a lot to live up to. So until then this is all you get :)

The next Crafters Market is on the 12th of December.
I will have lots of Christmas bunting and some seasonal totes there as well as my eco range of every day grocery totes and various nunde bags. I am working on refashioning some yatch sails. Its certainly sailing weather!
Thank for stopping by.
Tonight we dine on big Macs to support McDonald's McHappy day which means I don't have to cook.
Stay cool if your a Southern Hemi chick and for the rest of you, please try not to gloat about your awesome weather.


Its Market day!

It is 6:30 am and I am up at this ungodly hour preparing for the market. Come on Girls! Anyone that lives near Berwick, come and support us so we can establish this as a permanent crafters market for the region. Pictures later..right now though I have unfinished bunting to whip up. Cheers!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space is being over run with colours I hate. Gaudy reds, Tacky greens and more polyester than this greeny can stomach. But it is going to be Christmas dammit and I am going to get all festy no matter what. Chanting the mantra "I love Christmas, I love Christmas"

So, why the mess and vomitous display of cacky colours in my delightfully shabby chic shaded world? Well, I want to make Christmas totes for Christmas tote'n Christmas shoppers so they refrain from using plastic bags. I may dislike trad' greens and reds but no where near as much as I abhor PLASTIC.

So the mess explained is:
1. 40 meters of black denim binding ready to make handles for my Slim nunde totes that I sewed with the right side on the outside which was opposite to what I desired. Yeah, go on, work that out!!

2. A panel of Christmassy panels to plonk on totes. The Spotlight lady advised me to use a thing called visoflex? Thank you spotlight lady but I cant because it goes against nundes mission statement (natural fibres only unless refashioned etc)which does suck a little bit because it does give a nice result. (insert pouty face here)

3. Crochet bangle recipes from Spotlight. I don't want to crochet the stuff that goes on the wooden bangle, I want to try to make the bangles out of discarded wood. A project for next year. Pretty excited about that one! Makes up for the following.

4. Plastic moulds ( oh my, I bought plastic, I must go plant a tree and all that) I have an idea to make plaster of Paris decorations for kids to paint at the December market. What do you guys reckon of that idea?

5. Cheap ribbon. Metres of it, and polyester too, wasted because the pictures come off so after a days use of it as an embellishment it looks more like a Xmas smudge than Christmas stars.... Thank goodness I just use plain for Bunting. I must go plant another tree. So far I have broken the nunde commandments twice.

6. A Pile of "sewn the wrong way facing" bags waiting for handles. Its OK though, the wrong way is actually the right way....yes there I go all cryptic again.

7. Oh this one was clever. I needed new tape measures to glue to my bench for permanent reference and LOOK, they are free in Target in the men's shirt section for people buying shirts( or pretending too) I was actually buying my hb's shirts but I still felt sneaky. An I liked it!

OK that's it. Now I have to go sew, snip and sweat in my sewing room before it gets too hot.

For other creative spaces to gawk at go to kootoyoo and check out the massive list of people that play along

Cheers for now



Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today at our little Projects in Progress group we had show and tell (mainly because I nag the ladies all of the time to bring in every little thing they mention they have made)

Anne made this and although I asked her for the pattern, I am a bit dubious as to my sewing ability when comparing it to her dainty stitches. I cant sew that straight even with a guide.
So we will see if I venture into the "a bit too dainty for sausage fingers" kind of sewing. Until then I can always admire Anne's work and procrastinate about attempting it.
So anyway, is it hot enough for ya girls?
Oh shush all of you gals in the Northern hemisphere. My friends in Missouri tell me the weather has been gorgeous. hmmmmph
Cheers all


Belly Dancing babes

At the Old Cheese factory this past weekend. Gorgeous aren't they?
If you live locally or are heading out for a drive , come on down to the Crafters Market at 34 Homestead Rd Berwick. Saturday 14th November 10 - 3pm.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Bunting - The Pointy End

of 100s of triangles for Christmas Markets ready to string together.
Go grab the template from my sidebar and whip some up to show us your Christmas Bunting. Go on! And don't forget to let me take a peek at yours if you have a blog.
Buy mine when I have finished :)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Medieval Faire 2009

Medieval Faire 2009
Originally uploaded by nundecreations

Once again people who love all things that are not now adorned their hessian undies and shined their big shiny metal hats to come out and play at the faire. It was, as usual and awesome day. Why werent you there?? It wont be at the Cheese Factory in Berwick until next year so come on, write it down in your diaries. The kids love it. One thing that confuses most of us is it is call a Medieval Faire yet it is really a Faire that covers a broad range of periods. Hence the civil war dude buying up our chocolate chip cookies. Cant wait for the next one!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So Seventies

So here I was, sorting stuff for eBay and out came the green nylon scrim from the 70s that my lovely friend Judy sent me. I hated all things lime green as a kid growing up in the 70s and rushed to grow into my own tastes and not my mothers. Now, here I am, unable to part with these just in case I ever get to use them..... reliving my childhood maybe? Getting old?

Or just plain old bad taste resurfacing. /shrug. I'll not be eBaying these today!

Do you ever do that? Collect things from your childhood era even though you couldnt wait to throw it out before? You should see my ever growing 70s collection.
Anyhow, Happy Hump day



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