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Friday, February 29, 2008


I desperately needed to save this link some where Craft Chi Photoshop pattern tutorial and my favourites list is like an archaeological dig because there are 10 years of favourites that require a university degree in some thing to sort through. So, I will file it here, because I can, and that makes me happy:) Nothing worse than finally getting the time to do something and you cant find the link!!! Now I can come back to it later. YAY for blogs as filing systems!!!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rice Cooker Lemon Curds mmm Lemony Goodness


I am making stove top pot pourri and needed to use up the lemons I have picked from my step-mums tree.
I love rice cookers. They’re quick, safe, easy and so very versatile. Today I tried an old recipe in it with great success to use up the lemons. I know there is a rice cooker loving movement out there so I feel I must share it. The brilliant thing about the rice cooker is I just left it and stirred it every once in a while. I watched 2 TV shows and cooked a chicken pot pie while it was cooking so unlike the old fashion way with a bowl in water in a saucepan, stir stir stir, you can totally forget it, as I do, literally.

Lemon Curd (aka Lemon Butter)

4 biggish lemons
175g butter
2 cups of sugar
4 large eggs
Melt butter on “warm” setting in your rice cooker
Finely grate the rind of the lemons
Squeeze the juice into a container
Stir sugar into melted butter until it is a smooth consistency. (This is the most stirring you will have to do)
Beat the 4 eggs.
Pour the juice into the eggs and add the rind, stir a little (don’t wear yourself out)
Pour eggs mix into butter.
Stir occasionally until mixture is smooth and creamy.
If it looks like it needs a bit more heat to kick start it at any time switch it on the COOK setting but never leave it or stop stirring it at this temp. Do not let the mixture boil at any stage.
Process takes approx 40 minutes.

Makes 1kg
Let it cool
Can be used as filling for tarts or poured into sterilized jars
Refrigerate and use within one month

Tip! Microwave sterilisation for Jars
Half fill jar with water and heat until it boils (approximately 2 mins) varies with each microwave


Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekly WIPs

Today I played with wood on my really cool bandsaw
which broke AGAIN so its not that cool
Luckily I have a handy Scroll saw laying around
AND the warranty for the not very cool band saw

so with my wood that was scavenged out of the waste bin at the woodworking club
I made it so that my wooden letters would stand. I probably could have used a handsaw. I have a multitude of them but that's not as fun
and I cut some pretty paper I bought to go on the front

I thought some antique-iness might look cool
but then I didn't so I changed it
I sanded the cradles that I finished last Nov
and gave them their first coat.
I cant wait to make little mattresses and blankets.

I cut lots of fabric ready to be sewn. These are a batch of trolley inserts.

This is the pattern I lost but then found for a bag I am making which P kindly did the embroidery for.I am going to seriously surprise her by finishing it within 1 month of her giving me 6 months to finish it

These will all be finished by Friday and hopefully I will have a new band saw by then. A cooler one!
Now I am off to finish my socks.
Take care!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trolley Inserts

There was not a baby in sight to model one of these inserts so Tiny Ted will have to do.
These are very popular and they are available at the Craft Shoppe in Narre Warren.
I make these. Yes , I actually do make stuff. I am always busy blogging about my crafty friends from the craft shoppe so I forget to give myself a plug.
I love these because I am a germ phobe and shopping trolleys are icky. I dont have any babies anymore so I cant use one now. Note to self: make something to cover trolley handles for non baby bearing people like me. Make sure theyre inconspicuous so people dont stare "knowingly" that you are a germ phobe OR pinch some ones baby(ok thats not so good but the most authentic but very very illegal and wrong even for a massive germ phobe like me) OR force my 6 year old into one.( I think that comes under the completely wrong title too) I shall work on finding or designing something subtle for non baby having germ phobe grown ups like me.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a sweet sweet week!

Valentines day!
My Favourite Flowers
Darrel Lee Chocolates
and a beautiful card

and even though its not the real puppy
I have been hinting about for months,
this one sings the same song I have
sung to all my kids when they were
little and I still do.(much to their annoyance)
Corny it may be to an outsider but to me
it was a sweet indication that my Dear M does know me and it was hillarious.

You are my Sunshine,
My only Sunshine.
You make me happy
When Skies are grey.
Grey's Anatomy is back on so let the knitting begin
Brothers and Sisters is back on too so
I get double the knitting done
and the week was topped off by
the addition of 85 metres of fabric

plus another 20 odd metres on rolls not shown

and finally some projects in the WIP pile finished.

This week there will be much sewing done. Alot of knitting. And a bit of woodwork. I shall be logging my progress as I go or should I say blogging.
Have a fantastic week!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another year begins!

I went back to the Craft shoppe today for my Thursday morning shift and this is what P presented to me.

P taught me how to do Colonial and French knots

When I showed her a bag pattern I was making with these embroidered panels I said I will probably need help

But P generously offered to do them for me and that has made these the most special panels indeed.
P said she expected to see the bag finished within at least 6 months. I laughed secretly knowing that she was expecting alot from me and I think she was thinking the same thing. I get distracted too easy and they all know it. Im going to try and finish it in 3 months for the shock effect.

It was like we hadnt been away for nearly 2 months. P had been washing the rolls of fabric that was damaged in the flood that happened before Christmas Break.I have a feeling the fabric will be sold off at discounted price or maybe used for some quilts for one of the many charities that the ladies make stuff for. I will post it f theres a bargain involved.

So its business as usual. The shop had been rearranged for the 100th time since I started there which always feels exciting when you walk in because you notice things that are in there that you may have overlooked before.

I took a necklace I was going to work on but brought the wrong gauge wire.
Its been a busy week.
Still working on labels
Working on cute tags
Wondering what else I can make with a pallet of denim other than bags.
An idea will come to me in the middle of the night. They always do.
Take care


Monday, February 4, 2008

And the winner is!!

And the winner is # 6

let me check

Meg from Just another day in Paradise

Your pressie from down under will be in the mail soon!


Watch this!

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